goldfrapp – happiness

Happiness video, Goldfrapp, directed by Dougal Wilson, production company: Colonel Blimp

(via pan-dan / via creativereview)

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  1. this is great! so funny and joyfull.

  2. my ankles hurt

  3. You’ll have to go back a lot further than that to find the original influence for this video. I’m wracking my brain, but there was a sequence in an old black&white film that is exactly like this. Thought perhaps it was Donald O’connor, but can’t find it. Anyway–“stolen”, yes, but from a very old movie.

  4. I can’t let these things go! The “jumping through town” bit is from a 1953 movie called “Small Town Girl”. The jumping actor was Bobby Van. The movie also starred Ann Miller. Then came Peter Wolf…and then Goldfrapp. They’re all great, though.