tear off wine label design


When you’ve finally found a wine you really like, how often do you remember its name when you’re out wine shopping again? Oxford Landing’s South Australian Shiraz wine label sports a useful innovation that can help – a tear-off tab to retain all the useful bits of info to remind you about your great wine experience. See the full post.

(via simplebits)

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  1. The label idea is great, but that wine is the real find. Oxford Landing GSM (Grenache/syrah/mouvedre) is a great wine at an unbelievably affordable price. My local market has it for around $7 a bottle and it compares very well with wines costing 5+ times that amount.

  2. What a great idea. As it tends to be with the good ones, a very simple one. But with more wines in the market this really helps the ones (like me) with a lousy memory but a taste for wine…

    Excellent! :)

  3. A number of Australian wines have that now. I first noticed it on bottles of Wolf Blass (not to say that WB were the first to do it). As if I needed more half-folded, half-scrunched bits of paper filling my wallet. Great idea though..

  4. Good Idea! But already done in 2005!

  5. Actually it’s a patented product designed by the company that prints the labels, Collotype Australia. It’s been around since maybe 2000 or longer.

  6. A great idea, makes it easier to remember what I drank when I review it on Winesocial.com.au!

  7. I still love this idea and I don’t understand why more wine bottlers don’t do this. I first saw it on a bottle from the Durbanville Hills winery during a trip to South Africa a few years ago. I can’t believe this isn’t standard practice yet.

  8. Brilliant. And there I am with my mobile phone trying to take sneaky pictures of wine labels in restaurants.