question for my readers:


Do you know of a letterpress printer that works (successfully) with glow-in-the-dark inks? Ideally someone based in NY or Chicago?

(image found on mattborghi’s flickr)

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  1. I just know one in Berlin ; )

    He has a great blog, too…

  2. I’ve worked a lot with Wildflower Letterpress in Chicago. They are great, and small enough that they might be willing to give the glow-in-the dark inks a try. Don’t let the web design scare you off…

  3. The only letterpress printer i know if in the city is Print Icon on 18th street, they did our invites. I would think that for a bag of money they would be inclined to find some glow-in-the-dark inks for ya.

    I want somebody i know to try this stuff:

  4. One of the best in Chicago is Rohner Letterpress. I’ve also used Red Star Printing and Dexterity Press. Good luck!

    Red Star Printing (312) 664-3871


    He is based in LA, but would likely do the special inks.

  6. If none of those work out, I’d do a search on Etsy. I bet you’ll find someone there.

  7. I’d be game to give it a shot, Tina.

  8. I’d give it a shot. I work out of Baltimore, but would be willing to send you some samples — what’s your timeframe?

  9. Hi SwissMiss-

    If i were to recommend anyone it would be Box Car Press out of Syracuse New York. They also run Bella Figura press.

    I don’t know if they do glow in the dark ink, but if i were to ask anyone, they would be first on my list….

    Good luck!

    Their website is-

  10. Have you checked with The Arm Letterpress in NYC? I don’t know about glow-in-the-dark but he is a really nice guy.



  11. Thank you so much for all your tips and offers to help! Much appreciated!

  12. Why a letterpress? I don’t know what it’s for but have you considered silkscreen printing? It’s cheaper and you get probably better results, especially with äh…unorthodox inks.

  13. The same thing can be accomplished with glow in the dark printers ink thru a screenprinting screen. While this may be a bit more of a dark art mixture it is a lot easier to find. I know its not real letter press, but most intertypes have been retired.

  14. Hey guys,
    Gans has a new offset ink that is glow in the dark. I have run other offset inks in letterpress without issues (just don’t leave them sitting on the press!) and I would be down to test it out if someone else were buyin…

  15. Have you tried Soho Letterpress on Greene street? They are pretty spot-on.

  16. North Kansas City, Skylab Letterpress; well, too late, not NYC, no idea about glow-in-the-dark. but, tolle seite, was sie da machen! danke, thanks from austria :)