tree cozy


Tree Cozy

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  1. oh poor tree. However this is such a bright image. Love it!

  2. This reminds me of the stuff done with the Knitta movement. Adorable. (

  3. Considering a tree accommodates a whole ecosystem of creatures, I think this is a little inconsiderate and naive.

    Apart from that, I think this is a very weak idea…

  4. Quit hating, so-called environmentalists. I’m an artsy person, and I think this was a pretty imaginative thing for this person to do. It brightened their setting and it brightened my day. Why don’t you guys worry about all of the paper that we use every day?

  5. Totally fun! I agree it’s not degrading the tree at all. I was just in Japan, and thought the tradition of putting aprons on their god statues was a really sweet act.