e-friends = something that would be hard to explain to my grandmother

Below is an excerpt of an email exchange with SabineM, a fellow swiss-gone-US and blogger. Totally made me smile. Modern times!


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  1. Oh Geez, who would do something like that?!?!

  2. ha. i’m very new to the blogging world – less than 100 posts – but am already truly enjoying the relationships that are forming. though honestly, i can’t imagine invited someone i don’t know to my wedding.

  3. I think it depends on how long you’ve corresponded with a person. I’ve had friends go to parties held by internet friends, or meet up for lunch when they happened to be in each other’s home town…

    but yeah, wedding is a strong one.

  4. i once married a woman i hardly knew, so it’s better than that.

    also the blogger friend can qualify as the “something new.”

  5. I think it’s sort of perfect.

  6. I’ve corresponded with a blogger for 3 years now via email/blogs, I would certainly count her as a friend and when she lived 1 state away I wouldn’t think it weird at all to be invited to a wedding or baby shower for her. She’s now in Texas so it would be less convenient for either of us, but I still figure we’ll meet face to face eventually.