ICFF 08: Products from the EX49 booth


The EX49 Booth had tons of cool stuff to offer, here are a few of my favorites:

GAUCHO: Inspired by the argentinean cowboys yet produced in the black forest (by rebman vision) – designer tanja schoeller’s interpretation of a gaucho-style seat features a purist design consisting of two interlocking circular pieces of different woods (nut, cherry, african zebrano, maple, olive ash or beech) providing for a bouncy yet stable seatingPicture_24

The toiletry bag made out of old-school swim caps. I ‘think’ it’s designed by black forest native jutta rothe. It’s designed by pension f. produkte.

The superstylish iphone and ipod felt cases by katja hettler and jula tullmann made me look. They are definitely head turners for boardrooms and coffeehouses alike.


Randi Lockemann explained the concept of ex49 (ex=export/ 49=german country code) was created to provide emerging, talented artists from germany with the opportunity to exhibit and sell their products overseas. Products well chosen! Hat tip from swissmiss!

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  1. The Gaucho seat surely is bouncy, but I don’t know if it could sustain persons that weight more than the average…

  2. love that gaucho!!! it looks like it would offer a slight bounce and be fun to sit upon. Love that.