is asparagus superior?


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  1. Absolutely superior. The baby panda of the vegetable world. :)

  2. Lately we have been able to get really big thick spears. I put roasted garlic olive oil and salt on them and roast them at 475 for about 10 minutes or until the oil is sizzling. Very delicious and still with crispness.

  3. Hehe! Yes, I think asparagus definately has the upper hand! There has never been a more tasty vegetable! :)

  4. Two weeks a year there is a Large Delicious White Asparagus harvested in Europe ! It is supposed to be the top of the Food Chain! I would like to eat some with my favorite Hatch Pepper’s from New Mexico ! Roasted peppers and
    Asparagus !

  5. We just planted some in our garden today!