sciarpone | italian scarf-sweater-thingy



I *love* this italian scarf-sweater-thingy called sciarpone.

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  1. my darling you are so cool, I guess you look like me!

  2. my darling you are so cool! I guess you look like me!

  3. That’s a Thneed! Do the Italians read Dr. Seuss to their kids?

  4. I saw this in a pattern book my mother bought that featured more Scandinavian designs. I tired to get her to make it this past winter but she was bogged down with making dozens of keyhole scarves, which are also neat:

  5. Sorry… but I can’t take my eyes off the girls backside… what are we talking about?

  6. I am so excited! I just got word that mine is one its way to me, thank you for showing me this! It was really funny though, cause I had to use babelfish translator to talk to them through the email.

  7. This is interesting. Max Mara (Max & Co.) sold a scarf-wrap using the same wrapping technique already in 2004/05.

  8. I saw something like this on someone on a show called half and half. It is the best idea ever!

  9. can i buy one

  10. wow! one of the first-and best- post about us. we still love sciarpone! and swiss miss as well! have a nice summer*

  11. Hello I was wondering where I might be able t find this amazing patterns so that I may knit one as well the website you have here is no longer found HELP