Little 1 | Written by Ann Rand | Illustrated by Paul Rand

Our little Ella has discovered the joys of counting to ten, the ‘toddler freestyle kind’ of counting. She has a tendency to skip 5 and 6 all together, but loves 8 and 9. I am wondering if “Little 1” might get her to embrace 5 and 6? Originally published in 1961, this beauty of a picture book was illustrated and designed by Paul Rand, one of the most influential graphic designers of the twentieth century. Ann Rand’s text tells the engaging story of “Little 1” and his quest for a friend.

Like most ‘designer moms’, I love to expose Ella to wonderfully designed books. My favorite spread in “Little 1” is the one with the umbrellas. I like to believe that our umbrellas are having conversations when we are not around.

Little 1” | Written by Ann Rand | Illustrated by Paul Rand

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  1. but neither 5 or 6 pay attention. doubt it would make any little girl like them. :)

    lovely book!

  2. very cute! I thought for a second that it was an Ayn Rand book…..that would have been something!

  3. Check out Barenaked Ladies’ new children’s album. Their song called “7 8 9” is hilarious!

  4. and also the Rands’ book on words is fun-tastic!

  5. i lvoe this book! one that i have bought for a few friend’s babies…

  6. i had paul rand as a teacher at yale. he scorned any student that did
    cute drawings as he thought he or she (there were many more hes
    in the 60s) was imitating him. these books were designed in the early part of his career and by the time i had him he was more interested in the grid in design as the basis for organization and a more intellectual approach with a sense of play. i remember him saying ‘godard it is ok what you are doing as long as you know what you are doing’ he often left me alone. he was a great teacher. i use to visit him in connecticut and he gave many of his books to me signed. i have one ‘little I’