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Issuu is the place for online publications: Magazines, catalogs, documents, and stuff you’d normally find on print. It’s the place where YOU become the publisher: Upload a document, it’s fast, easy, and totally FREE. Find and comment on thousands of great publications. Join a living library, where anyone finds publications about anything and share them with friends.

This service is fantastic and completely making my day! Hoooray! What a fabulous way to present one’s portfolio?! It even let’s you embedd the code. The illustration portfolio above is from odavalle and what you’re seeing above is a screenshot of the ‘fullscreen’ view. Fantastic!

Also, I might have to upload my thesis book project.

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  1. And get this: It’s actually usable. Fast scrolling, fast zooming… The first time in years I’m actually excited about PDFs online. :-)

  2. this is so cool!!!! thanks for posting it

  3. Amen to the above. I owe you one, Tina. This took all of five minutes, and I’m not as young as you all.

  4. This is such a BIG help! I just uploaded a doc and had it posted to my site in no time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  5. Thanks for introducing this wonderful tool. I have been itching to try it out and I just did. Do pause by my blog and take a look.