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G, Ella Joy and I will be spending 3 days in Zurich early next month. What is one to do with a 2 year old in lovely Zurich? Any ideas?

(image by Beat Kueng)

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  1. My wife and I (both architects in Philadelphia) spent six months in Switzerland last year and if you have any interest in modern architecture I’d recommend visiting the Center le Corbusier ( – the architecture is much more interesting in person than it appears in photos and it is located close to the zoo ( and the scenic lakefront park (I believe there are some daily fee “beaches” if you want to go for a swim).

  2. i’d recommend (depending on time) a trip up the uetliberg – take the s-bahn up, and walk all the way down on gorgeous paths through thick forest.

    beyond that, a long slow stroll through the niederdorf, a visit to one of the parks (for instance the zuerichhorn) and a walk along the western bank of the limmat.

  3. For us it was the Zoo and Movenpick with the cute mask menus. But that was a few decades ago!

  4. Hi there!
    I have two children and live in Zurich. I would agree with the comments above. The Zurihorn right by the lake is a fun place to bring children – they just built a huge playground with water fountains that spring up when stepped on. Fun for 2 year olds and lots of sand. Another 2 year old favorite is certainly the Zoo – in case you’ve never been at the Zuich zoo it is really very nice. One of the trams brings you right up. If you would like more specific info – feel free to email me.

  5. hi. if the weather is nice go to mythenquai-badi, a public lake-bath with a realy cool area for kids. the zoo is of course wonderful. there are many nice playgrounds in town, my favourite is gz riesbach, next to höschgasse, good coffee is available just round the corner. a nice restaurant with kids, is the old tobelhof, not so far from the zoo, especially if the weather is nice, they have animals and you can sit in the meadow right next to the little playground. enjoy zurich. it is wonderful in summer!

  6. mythenquai oder gz wollishofen. zudem badi heuried oder das neu renovierte letzibad (von max frisch erbaut) oder werdinsel. gz wipkingen (spielplatz + tiere), spielplatz + café auf der josefswiese oder bäckeranlage, zoologisches museum bei schlechtem wetter. schifflifahren auf dem zürisee. spielplatz auf der besucherterrasse vom flughafen. fürs technorama in winterthur ist sie wohl eher noch etwas zu klein, und ein ausflug ins verkehrshaus luzern wohl zu zeitraubend (obwohl das auch für erwachsene immer wieder spannend ist).

  7. Nebst Zoobesuch und Badeanstalten: Kinderbuchladen Zürich. Kinderzirkus Robinson.

  8. ach ja – fast vergessen: der hohe kasten hat ein neues drehrestaurant!
    verry cool!


  9. The zoo with its Masoala Halle is definitely a must with kids, or without… Hellos from Lucerne.

  10. Our two year old likes the Zoo (especially the children zoo where they can go into the goat enclosure), swimming in the lake or taking trips on the boats (good for a day like today when there is little sun).

  11. Hi,
    You can try, there is an area for young kids
    and it’s free under 6 ;-)

  12. Hi,
    The zoo is definitively a good idea with children. Tested with my 2 years old boy… he loved

  13. Hi,
    The zoo is definitively a good idea with children. Tested with my 2 years old boy… he loved

  14. These tips are priceless. Will be there with two small kids in August.

  15. Hi G, Ella Joy and “I”

    When you are in Zurich the 21st/22nd of June 2008, then I could recomend you the Zurich Airport Festival (Terrassenfest). You and also your kids will love it! Here a link to the brochure (it’s in german).

    Have fun there!

  16. Kinderzoo in Rapperswil.
    Alpamare is not good for little ones. ZüriHorn with playgrounds.
    Zoo in Zurich.
    Toyshop Pastorini at the Weinplatz (Gemüsebrücke). I love that one!

    Gada (from Zurich but living in Mauritius)

  17. you can find a small collection of places for children under,8.537064&spn=0.104423,0.20462&z=13

    my favourites:
    -zoo with the beautiful rainforesthall
    -boattrip on the river or the lake
    -containertower with freitagbags-store
    -werdinsel or badi unterer letten for swimming in the river
    -gz wollishofen for swimming in the lake
    -bäckeranlage or josefswiese for a nice urban playground
    -waidberg for the most beautiful view over zurich while barbecueing

    btw: nice shops for kidsstuff:

    enjoy it!


  18. Tips sent to me via email:

    zoo (
    ist halt immer spannend für kinder. der züricher zoo ist noch recht hübsch gemacht. etwas weitläufig, also unbedingt den bugy mitbringen.

    kindercity (
    ist allerdings recht teuer und nicht jedermans sache…meine kinder waren im gegensatz zu mir schon da und fandens toll.

    schiffsfahrt auf dem züri-see
    du kennst ja sicher die kampagne “ich bin auch…”. von dem her geht eine tram- und schiffsfahrt ja schon fast hand in hand.

    s’ist ein schöner wanderweg und wenn man oben ist hat man eine wunderbare aussicht und kann sich noch fein verpflegen.

    tierpark langenberg (

    sauriermuseum aathal (

    (thank you Marco)

  19. the Duttwiler-Park in Rüschlikon (bei autobahnausfahrt Rüschlikon/Thalwil) has a great park, great tree-house, great view and a “kasperli-theater”

    we enjoyed the Rote Fabrik ( for brunch or just to hang out. it’s right next to the lake so great view, ducks and a short walk distance is a playground (type of community center i believe)

    and our little one totally enjoyed the bratwurst place at the bellevue! (as did we)

    … my little one’s godmother suggests: (zurich native)

    Für Kinder ist auch das “Trampolino” etwas, bei schlechtem Wetter, ist aber in hässlichem Industriequartier in Dietikon gelegen.

    Alpamare in Pfäffikon ist etwas für grössere Kinder (ab 10 oder 11).

    In Zürich gibt es ein schönes Freibad, das heisst Letzigraben, liegt beim Letzigrund-Stadion in der Nähe, Tram 2 bis Tramhaltestelle Letzigraben oder Letzigrund)

    Schiffli Fahren auf Zürichsee…

    and if you are close to the Youth Hostel, say HOI! to my big brother… Berny!

  20. Du kannst in den Zürizoo gehen oder Schifffahren auf den Zürichsee. Grüsse aus Old Switzerland