what are your last thoughts before sleeping?


Jacob Trollback asked his designers to create a personal piece illustrating their last thoughts before sleeping. Watch it. Fabulous!

(thank you christina)

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  1. So beautiful. That makes me want to sleep.

  2. What a sensational exercise! So expressive of each artist. A brilliant method of demonstrating capabilities of the company as a whole. (Worried about Christina) But enthralled with some of the imagery. Some perfectly convey the experience of drifting softly to sleep. ZZzzzzzz.

  3. I loved this video – but there’s a song in it (in the Emre section about lucid dreaming) that I recognize and can’t put my finger on why. Does anyone else know this song?

  4. amazing. those are some talented peeps.

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  6. fascinating!

  7. Cheesie,

    That song is called “for whom the bell tolls” and it was in the Donnie Darko soundtrack.