Feist goes Sesame Street


(via minordetails / via daddytypes)

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  1. At first I thought that said Feiss….

  2. one less than five and one more than three :)

  3. Sesame Street is still the best thing ever!!!!

  4. Brilliant! I’m showing our Pumpkin this tomorrow.

    Favorite Sesame-written line of the song:

    “1-2-3-4 chickens just back from the Shore.”

    And the chickens are wearing sunglasses and sunhats. Sesame Street humor is so subtly wonderful. Sometimes, even the kids get it. ;)

  5. If I had kids they would be parked in front of Feist right now…

  6. Thanks Feist, now I can count one to four.

  7. Here’s to a generation of uber cool kids!!

  8. The Count’s belle?