swiss trash bags with typography


This swissmiss is still transmitting from the swiss alps and loving it. I couldn’t help but take a picture when putting out the trash bags. Garbage bags here in Speicher have huge giant Helvetica A’s printed on them. In order to throw out the trash here you need to buy region specific garbage bags which have a disposal-tax included. Each region has their own garbage bag design. Would be fantastic to see them all in a collection. Flickr anyone?

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  1. I’m afraid Speicher’s would be the only ones nice…

  2. I love them.

    Talking of trash, one of the worst designs used over here in Austria for recyling your milk/drink cartons:

    They need a SERIOUS swiss-style redesign!

  3. harumph. ours are just boring gray. that’s emmen, LU.

  4. Actually, we in Villigen CH have to buy stickers from the post office or the Gemeindehaus that we affix onto the bags. We can use any brand of bags that we like.

  5. hello! i always visit your blog. it’s very interesting!

    today, i linked your photo in my blog.