cyber clean

This made me laugh. I want to squeeze it.

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  1. This reminds me of Nickelodeon Gak, which I was never allowed to have growing up. Understandably so because my Mom thought it was repulsive (which it was) but if she’d known it’s cleaning potential, things may have been different.

  2. oooo it’s a helpful slime bob. then won’t it get dirtier and dirtier each time it sticks dirt to it?

  3. This schtuff is quite good, actually.

  4. Brilliant idea! I want one ;-) takes me back to my play dough days…

  5. But then you would have this wad of slime with yucky crumbs and hair and gunk in it.

    I love how they pad it over the face of the iphone, which doesn’t have any nooks and crannies.