Nikon D90


Having had technical issues with my D70 for the longest time now, it’s no surprise I have fallen out of love and am very excited about the announcement of the long rumored Nikon D90. It’s the world’s first digital SLR to do HD video recording. Read the review over on

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  1. I read about it too. I have been a canon girl for years, but I THINK I WANT THIS camera…
    Haaaa!!! Choices choices!

  2. I saw the review of Chase Jarvis and I do really like the film function amazing what you can do with it for the money!

  3. yeah, definitely an awesome camera. i would absolutely hit it as soon as it´s available, but i want to change to fullframe, so i will stick to my D50 for a couple of months more :)

  4. I am so gonna get one… It won’t be out in Australia for a few more months. But I got a holiday to Chicago coming up and will be one of the first in Aussie to have one.

  5. swissmiss – what kind of problems???

    i think my d70 has problems :'(