Harley-Davidson Museum by Pentagram


Opening this weekend in Milwaukee: Harley-Davidson Museum, designed by Abbott Miller and his team over at Pentragram. Can’t wait to go tour it next time we come visit, BB! While I am not really a Harley lover, I admit I do love motorcycles. I used to own a big one back in Europe…

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  1. Herwig went. He said it’s pretty cool. Get your butt out here and we’ll check it out. And bring your crazy aunt with you!

  2. My father would LOVE this. He used to own an anniversary edition Harley before switching to a more youthful motorcycle as part of what we considered his midlife crisis.

  3. Hey Honey, that’s not how you spell Pentagram….
    or how I thought it was spelt….

    Great site by the way, have been nebbing for about two years now…

    Am a graphic designer in Edinburgh, have 3 and a half year old called Ella too!