Taking the Plunge: Learning CSS

If you’ve been thinking of learning CSS but have become lost in the seemingly endless number of CSS tutorials that exist, you may want to read on. Webchicklet has compiled her favorite CSS-related sites that specifically help the CSS newbie grasp the essential concepts.

Taking the Plunge: Learning CSS

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  1. This looks like a really good starting point for people beginning with CSS.

    The only thing I would take issue with is using Firefox as your main development browser. Firefox is my personal favorite browser, but IE is still by far the most popular browser out there – and has all sorts of issues. On my site, we get about 80% IE users to 20% FF.

    Designing for Firefox is the easiest because it is so standards compliant, but all sorts of weird bugs will pop up in IE… less so in the latest version, but some of them are still there. I’d stress to develop with these IE bugs in mind so they don’t bite you later.

    I bought “CSS: The Missing Manual” by David Sawyer McFarland when I was starting out and found it very useful.