The Incredible Book Eating Boy


Henry loves books–eating them, that is. The more books he eats, the smarter he becomes, prompting him to devour them at an alarming rate. Henry imagines that if he keeps eating at his current pace, he could eventually become the smartest person on earth. Unfortunately, he starts to get sick from eating so many books, and everything he has learned becomes all jumbled up. The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Discovered through fabulous Jennifer and her daughter P.

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  1. We absolutely love this book in our house. In fact I read it to my boys tonight!
    All of Oliver Jeffers’ books are brilliant.

  2. anything by oliver jeffers is genius.
    lost and found is our gethin’s favourite

  3. lady, if i counted all the finds i have made through you…i would be counting for days. thanks for the shout out. and your pretty fabulous yourself!

  4. in the uk the book has a bite die cut out of the corner…

    my kids love it… and it was art directed by my sister in law… hurrah…

  5. man you freaked us out! we JUST borrowed this book from the library, come home, read it to our boys and then check our RSS feeds and there is the book again!!
    something weird is going on there!

  6. This reminded me of a children’s book I got for my now-husband (a man of few words) when we started dating: Theirry Dedieu’s “The Boy Who Ate Words.” Lovely, bold, red, white & black poster-like illustrations.

  7. my kid also love this book, i use to bring it as a gift frequently since is one of my favorites!. all books from oliver jeffers are great!!