‘flowerpots’ by rafael sommerhalder

Flowerpots from Crictor on Vimeo.

Flowerpots was one of my personal highlights when judging the Adobe Design Achievement Awards this year. I had the pleasure to meet the creator, Rafael Sommerhalder at the awards ceremony a few weeks ago. Both being swiss, we enjoyed a brief swiss-german chat in the big apple. Always nice!

(thank you rafael, it was lovely meeting you!)

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  1. We just installed so I can access our apple server from home. The one we are currently using is a free edition although my preference is to get the paid version (my IT guy installed). My use thus far has been limited as I try not to work from home but I was able to access very easily.

    As for syncing, I have not done that although at times I wish I would have!

    Sorry my comment is not of very much help!

  2. Wow! Really cool short animation :-) Thanks for sharing :-*