Laugh Your Abs Away Exercise Video

I have no words.

(via coudal)

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  1. Faking laughter so naturally makes me ponder, and laugh – for real…

  2. methinks new age cali hippies high on grass juice.

  3. Oh, i do have words like: Mental unstable, lunatic…

  4. I don’t know about better abs, but I’m well on my way to laughing my ass off…

  5. I…I don’t know what I think of that.

  6. mast be real fun!

  7. I could not help but laugh this is so stupid. And this morning my stomach is flat!!

  8. I’ve got this idea for a new workout video.
    Everyone will grunt.
    Like they’re going to crap their pants.

    Sure there might be accidents… but the pounds will fall off one way or the other.

  9. How could you take her seriously? Great video!