what is graphic design?

(thank you julia!)

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  1. “Designing…graphics…”

    that was a good laugh :)

  2. “graphic designs a wank..”
    maybe potty mouth, maybe!

  3. this is so funny.
    i had to post it on my blog: thank you swissmiss!

  4. The guy who referred to Graphic Design as a “wank” and lamented its use as tool that the “capitalists” use to “prey on ordinary Australians” is a well known ex-australian rules footballer called Mark “jacko” Jackson.

    He is well known in Australia as the face of Energiser batteries during the 80’s where he flogged..well, batteries, for a major corporation.


  5. The video was excruciatingly boring. Maybe some sort of interest by the film-makers to be a little more captivating on our industry..