Microsoft’s “I’m a PC”

My favorite: (enter french accent here) I am a PC and I sell fish!

(thanks peter)

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  1. I’m a PC! (glad they dropped “The Wow is Now”)

  2. I’m a Mac and i like this ad!

  3. I’m a who cares, Eva Longoria!

  4. Too bad for Microsoft: The commerical was MADE ON A MAC.

    (someone opened up the metadata and found the originating programs used at the ad agency…)

    Not the first time they’ve been embarrased. Back in the ’80s and ’90s both Microsoft and Intel had Macs hidden away in their buildings to do their desktop publishing and design work.

  5. oh, who gives a crap if it was made on a mac. of course it was! who would bother making films/graphic work/music on a pc? but who would bother working in cad on a mac? [considering you can’t unless you run windows on it, and then what’s the point?] at my office, we have both macs and pcs, and we recognize that both have their uses. the same way i don’t use a fork to eat soup, but don’t use a spoon to eat spaghetti.

  6. Wow…those “I’m a Mac” commercials must really be getting to them!

  7. What a hip, persuasive ad. I’m thinking Microsoft products are only getting better and more designers should be jumping on the PC ship.

    I mean c’mon, did you see the fucking polar bear in that ad? And the shark? And Eva Longoria (She has one ring, teehee.)? Hell, there was even a bomb ass graffiti artist. Obviously PC users are hellafied bunch of cool cats,

  8. I’m glad they finally did a real cool ad, which provides the idea of PCs being better than Mac. Even though I’m a MacBook-User I find it to be a good commercial. Way better than this crap with Jerry Seinfeld! (What the…!?)
    Not anywhere close to be so cool like the Apple ads, but a solid video (made on a mac). ;)