Pippi Longstocking on my mind…

This song has been stuck in my head all weekend. We had friend’s visiting and their 4 year old, Yuki, kept humming the tune. Makes me want to see the show again… Oh, the memories!

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  1. It’s available now on DVD…

  2. remember:’wake up you lazy bums there is lots of work to do,but the lazy bum says not today tomorrow I’ll work for you’
    another Pippi classic.

  3. sometimes it is just so obvious that we are the same age — the similarities are funny since we grew up on different continents :)

  4. Being Swedish it feels a bit strange hearing it in english even though i am quite aware of Astrid Lindgrens reach international. Particulary Pippi Longstockings is spread all over the world…

    I think she really should have the nobelprize because of the impact she has made to children all over the world.

  5. Here is the original tune in swedish…

  6. Awesome. I loved these quirky shows as a kid. My grammar school would get all the kids together and watch them in the cafeteria from time to time.

    When my son was about 2-3 I got all of the DVDs and we would watch these over and over. To this day, I still refer to an omelet as a “Pipi Egg” because that’s how he used to ask for them when used to watch. :)

  7. Tina, I’ve been enjoying your blog for about a year now and figured it’s about time I start leaving comments. I’m also a designer with little kids (boys almost age 2 and 3)and so I have special appreciation for your kids-related posts! I’m currently intimately familiar with Sesame Street and Curious George.

    Anyhoo, thanks for keeping me reminded of the delightful heart of design (and life), while the “grown-up” b.s. part always threatens to overwhelm…

  8. Oh man, Pippi brings back memories!!!


  9. This is the italian version :-)http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=B7THzM3rs9k