procrastination visualized


Procrastination flow chart. Made me smile.

(via coudal)

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  1. this is old.

  2. This is hysterical! I found it while procrastinating.

    {ps. I’m a new blog subscriber…yours is a great one to read…thanks}

  3. Funny. I’m pretty sure I could contribute a few more distracting boxes to that mess :)

  4. Doesn’t a flowchart go against everything the art of procrastination stands for? Sorry … not funny. I take wasting time seriously! I will prepare a 10 page powerpoint presentation on this topic for you, but I’ll do it tomorrow.

  5. That really made me laugh!

  6. The procrastination flow chart is just the beginning of your next 10 minutes of procrastination. :P

  7. I keep getting lost and have to jump back to “you are here.” This might take a while…

  8. Cool! There’s a fun movie about procrastination here:

  9. I found that mildly amusing…excellent