Anonymous works at a major stock photo company cataloging images. The majority of the stuff he works with will never see the light of day for no other reason than that most people don’t know it’s available to them. It’s a shame which he’s trying to remedy with As an amateur (???) designer, he occasionally can’t help but play around with the images he sees floating across his desk on a daily basis. (All the images you see on his site site were created with the preview thumbnails that anyone can access.)

I can’t shake the feeling but think that this will end up being a guerilla marketing campaign for one of the big stock photography sites. No?

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  1. “As an amateur designer…” anonymous your work is uber professional/creative/fresh (tick as you see fit) IMHO
    keep it going

  2. Images are from

  3. anyone think this might be an engineered viral campaign?

  4. Has anyone ever met anyone of any skill level that called themselves an “amateur designer”? Now THAT’s funny!

    Big corporate advertising trying to look viral… but not willing/able to actually look truly bad and awkward to do it!

    Corbis, next time you need to hire a professional to make something look REALLY amateur, give me a ring, it’s my specialty…

  5. it is a pretty transparent virol. the fact that a marketing employee at veer, which is owned by corbis, runs a blog entry about it kind of gives it away. nice designs though. veer has always done beautiful promos so this is nothing new.

  6. Looks like we were all wrong. It was in fact an “amateur”, trying to land a new client.

    From their own press release:

    “As a newly formed design shop, General Projects launched with a self-assigned first project – to get the attention of Corbis and eventually turn that into a client relationship. This was done by launching a faux-viral campaign online with the intention of getting the Corbis name in front of as many members of their target audience as possible on a limited budget. “