strange shooter


Red, what’s the story behind this series? Made me smile.

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  1. This is odd, but I like it. It reminds me, in a far-off sort of way of that man who took pictures of himself running away from his camera. The name of the photographer escapes me now.

  2. you’ve made my morning :-D

  3. ha! looks like some photoblogger satirization to me. (but maybe that’s just my interpretation.)

    Lauren K, you’re thinking of

  4. Its a bit more calculated, but its nothing different than saying taking a photograph of a large swath of Chinese or Japanese tourists taking photographs. It’s the series that makes it strong conceptually. If it were singular it would just be as though you were walking by this fellow randomly(and wouldn’t pay much attention), but as is it puts it into a unique perspective all it own about the peculiarities of this man(or every person)and objectifies the sentiment of the photographers curiosity.

    And the Running From Camera series is great.