CLICK NY: Introduction of SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies)


from left to right: Michael Lebowitz (CEO/Founder Big Spaceship), Richart C.Lent (CEO/Founder, AgencyNet), Jay Wolff (President Odopod)

Michael, Jay and Richard introduced their newly founded industry non-profit organization called SoDA, Society of Digital Agencies. SoDA is the voice of digital marketing pofessionals with a mission to advance the industry through best practices, education, and advocacy.

Their motto: Share a little, gain a lot. Connect with your competition, put down the walls and discuss everyday challenges. SoDA Is all about sharing key insights of this new industry and was formally announced in March at SXSW to provide a voice for digital marketing professionals worldwide.

SoDA Objectives are
– Provide a clear, common, focused set of guidelines, methodologies, and working standards in the digital space.
– Facilitating knowledge-sharing among members, clients, staff, associated partners and agencies, and future professionals in the field.
– Clarify common unique issues and positions, and facilitating dialogue between members and all key players in the industry.

Their first instinct was to open up this up to everyone interested. But this would ask for a major infrastructure, which is what they are focusing on right now. Their first open enrollment will come in january 2009. I am excited to see what will come of SoDA, definitely something our industry needs. Hat tip to these passionate three man, for all the effort and time they are putting into getting this new organisation of the ground.

Here’s what they want to hear from you:

How can we advance the industry?
What are your biggest issues?
How can we enable success?

Feel free to answer their questions as a comment below. I’d be interested to hear your thougths. Or email them at [email protected].

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  1. Love the idea of Soda. We’d be interested in participating. I signed up with the form on the site. Brief thoughts below
    How can we advance the industry?
    It’s all about people and advancing their capabilities. Focussing on online education initiatives and creative/technical development would be helpful.
    What are your biggest issues?
    It’s hard to connect with peers at other agencies, new opportunities to do that would be great. We have a lot to learn from each other.
    How can we enable success?
    Be active, grow organically.