Danish Bike Helmets that look like Hats


These new Danish helmets look like regular hats. I agree with Joanna: YAY! I want one!

(what’s that YAKKAY logo supposed to be? A rabbit / anteater?)

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  1. The problem that I’ve always had with helmets is that they don’t really look good on me. Helmets just aren’t designed for the shape of my – and I’m sure many other’s – head.

    Wonder if the hat helmet would fit better, or just look like I’m wearing a hat on the tip top of my head.

  2. Hello! While I agree that these helmets are much more stylish than others, the main reason that helmets are covered in that shiny plastic is to keep it from sticking to the road. If a helmet is not smooth, it won’t slide. If you come off your bike and don’t slide, the force is transferred to your neck/spinal cord and you can end up with serious damage.

  3. If it takes a hat disguise to convince people to wear a helmet; I’m all for it.

    It only takes one crash for you to suffer brain damage and give your spouse the pleasure of changing your adult diaper for the rest of their life.

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Jolene –parents are always warned to not put any kind of covering on children’s helmets for this very reason. Surely the same thing is true for adults.

    As cute as these helmets are, I doubt they offer adequate protection. It’s possible that they could make an accident much worse.

    To bad… :(

  5. Not to be a buzzkill—these folks have the right idea, for sure! —but in the states, one shouldn’t get on a bike without a helmet that is Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) approved. Sor!

    Riding in Denmark has got to be a far more dignified affair, where everybody is used to seeing cyclists everyday, but here we’re still the minority in the land of huge cars.

    Even with CPSC standards there are risks. A friend of mine, 33yo, is in a nursing home (probably for the rest of his life) from a bike crash on a rural WA road. He can’t recognize his family, or talk, or feed himself or anything. He simply hit a pothole and although he was wearing a helmet, helmets only go so far. Rough. Very rough.

  6. I remember as a kid, there was a helmet disguised as a hat that I wanted. It wasn’t really disguised because the thing was still way larger than a normal hat. This thing does look better however, but I doubt it’s still actually not obviously a helmet.

  7. I really like this summer hat/helmet version by the danish duo Claydies… even thogh it´s not in productions:


  8. Little excuse now to forgo a helmet for fashion’s sake…

  9. Been watching these for a few months. For those in the US, it looks like this British store will ship to you:


  10. The good (or bad) news is that most other western countries have much higher health and safety standards for products. This is probably very safe!

  11. Look like a cowboy hat with a strap. Are they DOT certified..

  12. i agree people are SO stupid to not wear a helmet because they ‘will look uncool or goofy’ or whatever. HELLO! just think how dumb you will look gurgling in a nursing home and brain damaged and maybe unable to feed yourself or anything! i think they should go back to calling them ‘CRASH HELMETS’ as Brits do, as it gives a more dramatic image, and they should have injured individuals and/or their families talk at schools about the importance of them.

  13. Whoa. Now that you mention the sliding thing, it sounds so obvious. I think I’ll get the “Smart One” model. Really really simple and it’s shiny.

    Although, wouldn’t the fabric (unattached) covers for these helmets just slide and tear off like the denim from the knees of my jeans during a wipe-out? Just seems like if it were thin and loose, it would shift significantly and not do much to slow down a skid…hmm…question to email the company!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  14. The helmet really is great. We bought one in Copenhagen last summer and it inspired my wife to buy a bike this summer and she looks great in her new helmet.

    The real irony is that in Copenhagen where almost every one owns a bike and there are far more bikes on the streets than cars, hardly anyone wears a helmet!

  15. Cycling is very popular in Denmark and people use their bikes a lot to get around. Almost noone wears a cycling helmet, and there are very few accidents or injuries to cyclists. The same is true in the Netherlands as well. Countries where cyclists wear helmets also have a higher rate of cycling injuries. Ergo: it’s dangerous to wear a cycling helmet!

  16. can u make one of these in a motorcycle helmet. and DOT aproved??? that would be the best!!!

  17. The helmets look good but do not stay in place very well. The harness arrangement although stylish is not very effective in speeds over 15Km/ hr. The helmet blows back onto the neck leaving the forehead exposed.
    After many tries of adding pads and adhesive cushions the helmet still bobbles around in the wind. Tried a smaller size, but was too uncomfortable causing pressure points after an hour of riding. Cute but not effective as an everyday helmet.