For America, by Jonathan Hoefler


This summer, the Obama campaign commissioned Jonathan Hoefler to design a typographic poster for the Artists for Obama series. It’s now available from the Obama for America website, in a numbered edition of 5,000. You might not be the a supporter of Obama, but you might appreciate a typographic waterfall. (NO, they haven’t published the new font yet…)

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  1. I love it and was all set to order, but the minimum shipping price is $52. Oh well.

  2. they are working on fixing the shipping rate. seems like back end error of some sort.

  3. Hey this one I can afford.. $60 compared to some of the other ones.. how do they price these things? Lovely thank you for posting it!

  4. i really love it! i’m not a big fan of gradients, but i like how it looks here! i want it :)

  5. I think the design is lovely but “no other country”? Really?

    I think there might be one or two countries where one’s stories are possible, no matter how unique that story is.

    I mean sure, you can only become president of the United States IN the United States but I think the sentiment is meant to be broader and as a non-American, the No.Other.Country! sentiment rankles me.

    I live in a great country, a fabulous country, where my story and my dreams are possible each and every day.

  6. I love the fact/irony that it’s not Gotham…but I really don’t understand the message. I have to echo Michelle’s take on it.

    That and, really, don’t we have enough Obama posters by now? ;o)

  7. FYI, shipping prices are fixed, and standard via UPS is now ~$11.

  8. absolutely beautiful. i actually gasped out loud when i saw it this morning.

  9. the posters they’ve been putting out have been great–above all, it’s amazing to see the turnout from all areas to support a candidate.

  10. I think this is amazing. It’s now the background on my computer.