Hairy alphabet


Hairy alphabet by Craig Ward. From 22 of the World’s Most Creative Alphabets.

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  1. Hhaha ! In these days you can see a font made from anything. :)

  2. Lol :-D That’s a cool font :-)

  3. Cool, but kind of gross. It reminds me of the designer (Chris?) from “Project Runway” who used human hair in his final runway show.

  4. It is so gross and ugly that I almost like it.

  5. Cool and horrifying at the same time. This font needs a brazilian.

  6. I am a Spanish teacher and looking for interesting images to use to help my beginning Spanish students learn the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. Would it be okay for me to use/adapt this use as a teaching tool in my classroom?

    Thank you,
    Ana Davila

  7. Excellent deal with making the alphabets out of hair even cooler for me n my team since we work at Hair by Peair thanx for that Co the Massage Therapist yea yeah