Switzerland Places Ban on the Humiliation of Plants

Switzerland Places Ban on the Humiliation of Plants, by Meg Hamill

(thank you sabine)

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  1. Okay, I have to just say…this si completely ridiculous!

  2. Hey we even got an ig-nobel prize for it, all Swiss people that is.
    And if you read the argumentation (yes I did) it is not this ridiculous. Since biology showed that plants react to sensory stimulus, the only difference to animals is that they are stationary, but environment still matters. So the conclusion is that plants maybe should be protected too. Which I probably agree with, as does common sense. We should not only have corn which cannot propagate on its own. We should try to maintain biodiversity. And without massive forests we get into oxygen trouble, not to mention erosion. And Switzerland is maybe the first country to actually write this down in a semi-official way (it is just a study, how this could be viewed), but there is more than one species protection project. I remember the pictures of the gigantic freezer they repurposed to keep plant material, I just cannot remember where it was.

  3. Sorry correction to the above, seemingly it is part of the law now. Still thinking before acting was always a good way of doing things. And as the financial crisis shows, corporation cannot (and don’t want to) always control the powers they unleash. Sometimes a little bit of unpopular thinking beforehand, what may be in the interest of all, can go a long way. In the end everybody pays.