A Room With A View


A Room With A View is a record of the rooms Andrew Hetherington has stayed in over the last four years. Each room is photographed using the same process, in as much as is allowed; keeping the lighting and framing consistent in order to let the individual personalities of the spaces present themselves equally. No special requests are made and he always takes the room he is assigned. The interior shots are always taken first and feature the window with the curtains drawn. The bed is included in the frame whenever possible to give a sense of the space. Ideally, he tries to photograph each room immediately upon entry, capturing the layout, furniture and effects precisely as he first sees them.

I had the pleasure to meet Andrew this morning at CreativeMornings and he handed me one of his A Room With A View Books. This encounter/the book officially made me day. Check out the book over at Blurb. So happy to know that this is work in flux. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next issues.