Dear Santa…


Dear Santa, Is there any chance I could convince you to drop a Nikon D90 through our chimney this year? Yes? Yes?

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  1. ask for a D300… It’s Xmas :-)

  2. Or for lenses.. a nice lens… I could do with one… ;)

  3. It will break if he drops it. You should either ask for a Leica or for a careful door delivery of the D90! ;)

  4. You’ll owe Santa big time! I am more attached to my D90 than my friends and family these days.

    Get Santa to stick an SB600/800/900 in your sock too. You can never have too many!!!

  5. I think „Yes“ :) I want Nikon camera tooooo. Santa, drop it for me too.

  6. I just gave myself an early Christmas present and purchased one of these this week – it’s magnificent. The low-light performance is even better than I expected. So – go Santa!

  7. Hi, do you know the story of that dutch girl (marjolijn) who arranged herself a Canon EOS a couple of years ago, by just asking for it online?

    In dutch:

  8. oh my goodness, I am asking Santa for the same thing!

  9. I want that camera too even though my Nikon D40 is perfectly fine. I want the button for depth of field preview, the 11 point sensor, and the 18-135VR lens. I don’t care about the live view and movies. Wish they had a cheaper model without those features.

  10. I pick an EOS 5D MkII love… love… love…

  11. canon 50D !! ;) lov the big wheel on the backside, it’s fantastic. i use an 30D and before a nikon d70. canon = better! :)

  12. maybe it’s me but i kinda don’t get the d90 – i’m of the mindset that a camera that takes both stills and hd video probably doesn’t do either well enough….

  13. Iffen he puts it in the panier of the swiss army bike, and lowers it gently gently gently, it will not break and it will be a very hoho-ppy Christmas, surely…leave some cookies out, and be Dutch. It could happen. I am keeping fingers crossed for you.

  14. Ask for a Canon EOS 5D Mark ll