If I had a dog…


… this would be my “Travel Dog House” of choice.

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  1. “curated by” is it not pretentious?
    that is a term related to art… we found here art, but most design, toys and miscellany. no offense.

  2. You can be a curator of a museum and of many other things. You are probably from the “art world” and so that is what the term means to you. This blog is all about design and if you had followed it for a while you would see Tina has an excellent eye for design. Why can’t toys be designed well? We all love the funny posts too, the welcome back one has just made my day! pretentious – pah!

  3. How is it, that the art world is so eager to defend this definition to their realm? I have a friend who is a curator and she’s overly specific on who else IS and who IS NOT.
    Way back, the word might have originated in an art context. But time moves on, meanings (should) adapt to new realities. What Tina does on her wonderful blog fits the general definition of the word just right for me. Most importantly, what she selects delivers, which makes her an adequate “content specialist”.
    pretentious – double-pah!

  4. Attractive, but where’s the air circulation?

  5. Just another sign that Western Civilization is doomed.

  6. I don’t think it would be “his”, though.

  7. However, THIS dog is just like mine!!!the same face and the same sort of desperate/cautious look… If we ever had to travel together I would really use this bag just because ot this funny dachshund face…

  8. Definition on Wikipedia: A curator or keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., archive, gallery, library, museum or garden) is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and, together with a publications specialist, their associated collections catalogs. The object of a curator’s concern necessarily involves tangible objects of some sort, whether it be inter alia artwork, collectibles, historic items or scientific collections.

    I don’t think it’s pretentious at all to use the word curate, sorry if it bugs you Gala. The term originates from Latin, from ‘curare’ to care, from ‘cura’ care. I *do* care about my content.

  9. what a riot! ok, I love the hysterical matching {leather??} outfit the weenie dog is sporting on their website!