elect obama’s dog


And with this final link, I am completely Obama’d out…

(thank you christopher)

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  1. Nice clean site. I believe he has stated he will be getting the dog from a shelter or rescue.

  2. And Malia is allergic so they need a hypoallergenic dog too!

  3. Cute. And Jody is right; Michelle Obama has announced that the family’s first dog will be a rescue:


    And rescues can be purebreds too! …so purebred fans can rescue dogs as well.

  4. I’m kind of tired of these designer micro-sites that get you to vote for something or send a little note to Adobe or make a funny “Walt Mosberg says.”

    At first, they were novel and clever but as the concept gets played out and more often than not, adsense gets dropped in, I just get worn out. It seems like we’re quick to pick up trends, but dwell on them and just beat them to the ground until they lose any power.

    Anyways, I hope the blogs that link to these get a bit of a kickback from the adsense!!! ;)

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