Rainman Carafe


Rainman Carafe.

(via justcooldesign)

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  1. This is a lovely design, but as a life long hospitality professional I’d have to ask why. It seems a very brutal way to treat wine, which should be handled delicately & with the love & respect. being mind full of it’s creation, the only reason I can think of is to get air into it rather quickly rather than taking the time & care which it should be afforded. Remembering the wine maker, growers & all that have created it.

  2. It looks (a lot) like a rip-off of Boo, the wonderful water carafe by Muuto.

  3. Very beautiful, but I can see myself ruining a lot of tablecloths with this….

  4. Just one more way for me to ruin a good blouse. :-/

  5. Lynda, I’m not sure what you mean by handling wine “delicately and with love and respect” really, but this actually might help the oxygenation process during the pour. cool stuff imo.

  6. maybe I am not hoity enough but I really don’t understand the reverence for wine, Lynda. Its just a drink.
    Anyway I really like the design, its beautiful.

  7. you can get it from skrufs glasswork
    more info at her website http://www.matildasundenringner.se

  8. it wont be that easy to use. table cloth, shirt, I will make a mess with it.

  9. Stupid. Pointless. Messy. Perfect waste of money for frivolous people who get bored with life.