You have to love a kid’s imagination:

Once upon a time… from Capucha on Vimeo.

(thank you regan)

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  1. She saw a greenpeace commercial with those toy animals in boxes.
    Her accent is cute :)

  2. I want a cute French daughter. That is what I look forward to.

  3. It’s a beautiful thing and deserves to be seen in the correct place, rather than on that horrendous College Humour site.

  4. Roberto Baggio? Like the soccer player? ;)

    I agree though. CollegeHumor is kind of a weird site for a video like that …

  5. Quelle est chou, elle en a du vocabulaire, elle emploie même le passé simple !! Et puis ça dure, ça dure et ça se tient !

  6. je besoin pour mon leçons de française. elles une bonne professor
    from keith

  7. Sooo sweet! This age is too funny…’and then’, ‘and then’. And the French language…sublime :)

  8. a kind of mashup of a number of stories! adorable. she tells it with such conviction.

  9. Wonderful! Even the cold-hearted cynic in me, sighed “awwwww!”
    I almost feel broody.

  10. “I want a cute French daughter. That is what I look forward to.”
    (Posted by: Josh | November 14, 2008 at 12:10 PM)

    Me too! :)

  11. reminds me so much of a little french girl named tania …

  12. I was with her until she said they didn’t even take the train. As if. She was clearly making that up as she went ;)