Coolest Typographic Holiday Gift of 2008: ABC3D

Want to impress a font lover this holiday season? Get him/her a copy of ABC3D and prepare to be amazed. It’s a pop-up book and a work of art. Hat tip off to Marion Bataille.

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  1. I bought ten of them a few weeks ago for the other designers on my team! It’s gorgeous.

  2. :)
    i ran out and bought two.

  3. The perfect gift :-)

  4. Got one at home ā€“ it always “wows” friends, both typo nerds and other. Can totally recommend getting one, but you better aim for the next christmas ā€“ took ~5 months for my copy to arrive. (But now they’ve produced more and I guess you can find them pre-made in the US)

  5. Funny how the button on the Amazon page says: “Iā€™d like to read this book on Kindle “
    I wonder how Kindle translates this book ;-)

  6. great book, love my copy, and i would buy it for other people if they hadn’t already seen mine and ran out and bought it.

    Rasmus – it took you 5 months to get yours because you preordered it. It was not realeased until October, so if you ordered any time before that, you had to wait. They are out in the market now and can get them easily. You could buy one on amazon today and get it tomorrow if you wanted to pay for the shipping…

    If anyone is doing amazon ordering for the holidays. i recommend trying the amazon prime trial. I did it. You get free 2 day shipping, no minimum purchase, works great, and free for a month, and then cancel. With it you can also get 1 day shipping for 3.99, not a bad deal and all my stuff gets here super fast. Instead of trying to hit the $25 mark every time and my package getting here in a week and a half on the free shipping.

  7. Ah, nooo! I already bought them for my colleagues months ago but I’m waiting for christmas… anyway, they all read this blog. Hope they don’t decide to buy it.

  8. got one. its cool and recommendable

  9. Christopher: Yes, I know. It wasn’t available for purchase then. Now it is. And anyhow, it’s totally worth to be posted about over and over again.

  10. I picked one of these up a couple weeks ago and was amazed at the quality. It really holds together and works really well. A fantastic gift.

  11. that was so cool my head just exploded

  12. Z looks a bit disappointing but otherwise looks totally ultra!

  13. we’ve got one :)