Joel Barhamand | Stuck in a Strange Loop


I agree with HeadingEast: I like Joel Barhamand’s series Stuck in a Strange Loop, because who among us has not at some point been stuck in a strange loop? (While I love the overall design of Joel’s site, it bugs the hell out of me when sites go fullscreen. A big no-no in my book.)

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  1. If you’re using Firefox, here’s how you can keep your browser from resizing:

    Firefox Prefs > Content > click on Advanced next to Enable JavaScript > uncheck Move or Resize Existing windows

  2. Thank you for being an anti full screen evangelist.

    Reeks of arrogance – I hate it!

  3. Hey there, first time poster, long-time fan.

    Amazed to see my site on this blog, read it daily. I’ve sent my developer some notes regarding the full-screen feedback. Hopefully, my site can redeem itself in Swissmiss’ eyes soon with a new non-resizing version.