Surfing For Seniors

(via becausestudio and paperwhite)

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  1. My grandma was so excited when I hooked up her first computer. She used to be a secretary and was happy the keyboard looked familiar. She went on and on about teaching my grandpa to type.

    Sits down, puts her hand on the mouse, and says “Now what?”

    She didn’t know she had to move it. It makes me laugh a little, but I suppose years from now I’ll be confused by technology I never grew up with…

  2. Add “Swedish” to any search query to make your web surfing experience more memorable.

  3. Ooooh man…. I spend Tuesday afternoons teaching my Grandpa how to use a computer and surf the internet….. maybe i could replace myself with this.

    P.S. That hand looks like a creepy death claw. I would cry if it touched me.

  4. mutis, I’m glad I took a swallow of my coffee before reading your comment…

  5. Swedish cock? is that what nana is searching?