StickyScreen – a digital post-it in your web browser


Very much like Jack Cheng, I have a habit of putting sticky notes on the edge of my monitor. His new project StickyScreen takes the note off the edge of your monitor and puts it smack dab in the middle. The idea is to set StickyScreen as your homepage so that your ‘note to self’ shows up whenever you open a new tab or browser window. Lovely. Now, can we have a white background, please?

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  1. The black saves energy and reduces eyestrain. Like “Blackle,” but not as ugly.

    Plus it looks lovely with the yellow.

  2. I agree and also the energy saving aspect *thumbs up*

  3. er…. doesn’t the built-in OS X app ‘Stickies’ do just this?

  4. for a white background on the sticky

    copy the source over and change this line of code
    background: #ffef4d url(sticky.gif) no-repeat;

    to this

    background: #ffffff url(sticky.gif) no-repeat;

    for a white background on the page
    background: #FFFFFF;

    and then finally drop it back on ur own server and make it your homepage.

  5. A great idea. But right away i realized I’m always going to have more than 3 todo’s. Oh well :(

  6. Why is everyone thinking black saves energy? A black background (especially gray because #212121 is not back at all) does not actually save energy, and requires more energy if you have an LCD type display…


    I also happen to like better because you can create a list longer than 3 items. And it’s white!! :)

  7. does the same thing, but it allows several sticky notes that you can move around (though I wouldn’t over due it for practical reason!) and it includes a Google search box. For a start page, that seems a lot more attractive to me.

  8. this should deserve to a good customizable rss screen-saver… so I can always remember my to-do’s (I’m not much of a post-it user…)

  9. Народ в таких случаях так говорит – Абросим не просит, а дадут — не бросит. :)