This is what I call inventive…


They wanted to attract more students. So it installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities. The problem is, lots of students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu. So They and CoffeeCompany decided to move the store’s menu into the WiFi menu of customers’ laptops.

(via frederiksamuel)

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  1. Sadly it’s a rip-off of Jung von Matt, Hamburg:

  2. I have to agree with tim, sooner or later somebody had to use that media, jung von matt did it first, but i have to say that this people found another clever way to use it. hopefully come awards time they give it to the first. Next year there’s going to be so many of this, is not going to be funny.

  3. If anyone can explain how to do this or point me in the right direction it would be really appreciated.

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  4. Nice. It already won at Epicas.
    Guess thisis one of this ideas that was ‘in the air’ this year. Cuz German Wings also did it in airplanes. And then sixt did it in airports.