Whopper Virgins

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  1. we had that discussion on my blog. if you ask me, i think this move is disgusting! clever marketing, nevertheless.

  2. “…people who have absolutely no awareness of Burger King and Mc Donalds…”

    Yeah they should be AWARE of the DISEASED intentions of these companies, AWARE of obesity, AWARE of unhealthy food damn it.

    Absolutely DISGUSTING.

  3. If I went to those countries, I’d want to try their food, so what’s wrong with letting them try ours? Sure, it’s not our finest example of American food, but it’s not like we’re poisoning them here.


  4. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE the American hamburger. I LOVE it when I go to a local bar – burger place in the city I live in (which happens to be in the USA). I love having my burger medium rare, sipping a bud-light with it. I just get disgusted by these big companies trying to look “CUTE” even though all they care about is money.

    I mean come on, please do not get defensive FOR Burger King and McDonalds.

    Defend your burger though, I love a good American burger as much as Japanese sushi, or Vietnamese soup, or Lebanese tea… Let’s not mix the concepts here.

  5. Leave those people alone! They are not your guinea pigs for more exploitation. Have you tried to eat what they eat?!

  6. This is horrible at it’ s best. What another great way to destroy native cultures. These fast food maniacs need to stop pushing their fatty fatness.

  7. Interesting to see my country in this ‘experiment’. Poisoning would be a too stronger word to use here but how about posting the videos with the impressions of the actual team on the food of those people. Comparing a hamburger with any dish that this people cook is hard to do, it’s like drinking treated water bottled in a really nice box next to drinking it from your hands directly from a spring. There is no wonder that hamburger fans pay/would pay lots of money to eat a restaurant with traditional meals, that most of them don’t even advertise themselves. Personally that’s one of the things that makes me wanna go home at least once a week. I’m so glad Christmas is near :) . How does your burger taste now?! :D

  8. uuuaa… look! we found some people who eat normally! they have a fork and eat from their plates… let’s teach them some gastronomy manners! seams that stupidity and greed are a world issue…

  9. Go Elf yourself Whopper Virgin!

  10. There’s a funny blog on freedomhaters.org on the Whopper Virgins commercial.

    It ties it into Noam Chomsky and how the indigenous people on the commercials will most likely be forced to move to big cities when the fast food chains move in, and have to work for Burger King for a tenth of what American’s make.

    Check it out here: