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Jonnie asked the following question on twitter: Does anyone know if there’s a single font that would allow all international characters? (Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Cyrillic) And now I am curious to know, is there? Anyone?

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  1. As far as I know, there is not one font that includes all international characters. It would be possible, I think, because Unicode allows all characters to be compounded into one actual file. But I don’t think anyone has ever done that.

    It might be something typeface design is headed towards. Since nowadays there are a few designers out there that base new Arabic typefaces on already existing (or designed at the same time) typefaces. Difficult process, I think, since Arabic and Latin are so vastly different. Good question, once again. :-)

  2. If there is, I certainly hope it’s called Babel.

  3. There’s (of course) Arial Unicode. I don’t know if this suits your needs, but it might be a suggestion.


  4. What about comic Sans?

    NoRrrrrlly — I’m not sure.
    I just couldn’t resist.

  5. I do remember a few fonts that aimed to include every glyph known to man. The maker wasn’t done, but it included glyphs from a few hundred scripts – which includes all commonly known scripts. It is free and Goog turned up this: http://www.code2000.net/

    More refs…

  6. Arial Unicode MS has enough for those languages, and in case you’d rather die than use Arial, there’s a list on wikipedia here: http://is.gd/eDbh

    Code2000 is rather interesting, albeit utterly hideous.

  7. Comic Sans has every single character and glyph, making it a beastly 1.2gig font.

    Too bad it’s Comic Sans.

  8. Surprised nobody has mentioned Fixedsys Excelsior:


  9. Myriad pro worked fine for me!

    Just made a folder in 27 languages and it worked just fine.

  10. Myriad pro worked fine for me!

    Just made a folder in 27 languages and it worked just fine.

  11. Frankly, any properly made UTF-8 font has all characters in the mentioned alphabets.

    A far as I know all “classic MS fonts” are available in UTF-8 encoding. At least.

    But I have to say, I was never in the situation of having to use other alphabets than the latin. So this is theory to me and I wouldn’t guarantee anything…

  12. With Myriad Pro we had problems with Uzbek cyrylic. As far as i remember there were not 3-4 signs.

  13. Your key Microsoft (Arial and the like) fonts would cover most of the Unicode characters. I know Microsoft makes special fonts for Japanese characters (e.g., MS Mincho), so I guess they are not included in the main fonts.

  14. Last time I heard it was that thing called ARIAL unicode.
    It’s the most complete font ever made.