Monday morning wish.

Here’s my monday morning wish: I would like an etsy-like site that would allow me to have a nice designed online store to sell all my designy stuff (purses, jewlery, cameras etc) that’s too nice to just give away. I just *can’t* get myself to list them on Ebay or Craigslist. I have some really nice designy stuff that would instantly look crap on Ebay and I can’t handle the weirdness of people showing up at my door (Craigslist) and starting to haggle after you negotiated a price… So, I was thinking if etsy would create an off-shoot site that would allow to sell personal things, that would be fabulous, no?! Thoughts?

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  1. It is already possible on etsy. Just type vintage or designer and see what pops up. Good luck!

    Congratulations on making “The List” I blogged about yesterday.

  2. As far as I know you’re not allowed to sell just personal stuff on etsy, UNLESS it is vintage or handmade. No?

  3. Use Magento

  4. Basically, we need what vimeo does better than YouTube applied to ebay.

  5. Tina, check out Big Cartel ( I think it would work well for you and it’s free.

  6. ooh. I completely agree. My understanding with etsy is that it has to be vintage if it’s not handmade. I’d love to know if I’m wrong.

  7. It would be great if etsy made an ebay like site, simply because of how great etsy has been designed, but also the type of buyers/sellers it attracts.

  8. Big Cartel looks lovely! thanks for the info antonio!

  9. Mmmm…. I’m wishing that as well:)
    I’ve seen plenty of stuff on etsy with questionable ‘vintageness’.

  10. I completely agree! I also have the same wish and avoid ebay and craigslist like the plague. I will also check out Big Cartel.

  11. it does need to be vintage to sell personal stuff on etsy and while there is a lot of vaugeness about what that could be, the flagging police might be out in force! I would definitely check out Big Cartel. Nice and clean design.

  12. I was just going to suggest but Antonio beat me to it. Best of luck to you, I hope it suits your needs.

  13. I would check out Shopify ( too, I’m just considering using it for myself and another client of mine.

    It has a cost for piece though… I don’t know the other differences with BigCartel.

  14. Big Cartel is probably your best bet. :)

  15. I’m rather partial to Big Cartel ( myself. Granted, I work at Indie Labs.

    If you need any help getting started, send me an email.

  16. Good lord – if your cast-offs are anything like your blog posts, just pop a list up on here… :) Blog etiquette aside,I’d certainly buy!

  17. I would just whip up a swissmiss store using simple html and paypal, i think this is the best option outside of ebay or etsy.

    Also would LOVE to see what you will be selling. please email me if you have some photos or an initial idea of what you’re looking to sell :)

  18. i’m not sure that would be such a good idea on etsy, as people on ebay etc would eventually catch on. unfortunately i have already seen – and reported – cheap, mass produced goods on etsy, you can imagine the usual suspects trying to get a foot in the door with their fake low quality wares. for as much as i love how popular etsy has become, i am a bit worried that it will get increasingly difficult to keep the “baddies” out as the market place grows.

    i second all the other ideas suggested previously and i know your shop/stuff would become an instant success!

  19. That’s a great idea. I could definitely go for something like that. You know, you could set something up using BigCartel or Shopify as suggested above, very simply, but you obviously wouldn’t have the pre-built community you have at Etsy. I’ve used both and they’re both a breeze – I use Shopify extensively, and love it.

    Very good idea…

  20. Thats a great idea. I have looked at etsy before and its got some great artistically designed things and people go there for that reason. You should try it out. Good luck!

  21. I second Shopify and Big Cartel. Seen good things done with both.

  22. Oooh, start your own up swissmiss – you’ll have a huge array of ready shoppers by the sounds of it!

  23. I love the look of Shopify and Cartel, does anyone know if they can be used in UK? in GBP? or is it just USD?

  24. i second the html and paypal buttons suggestion. have just done the same thing on my blog (not quite as nicely designed as you could do), but as functional and flexible as i needed it.

  25. @Kyleigh—You can use Big Cartel in the UK (with GBP).

  26. Depends on whether you want someone else to deal with hosting it, or if you want complete control.

    For a hosted solution, you can’t go wrong with Shopify or Cartel.

    For a Do-It-Yourself solution, I’d recommend Magento.

  27. is fantastic b/c it’s like a QVC meets etsy.

    So you do a video explaining your items…

  28. Thanks JD Hollis, I love it *even* more now!


  30. Is ArtFire the same as etsy as far as only allowing handmade? It might be worth checking into.