Engagement Photos


Check out this *fantastic* set of engagement photos of Joanna and Alex by Max Wanger.

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  1. What a wonderful photo!

  2. what a wonderful world!

    great faces, great love, great pictures

  3. thank you so much, tina!!! :)

  4. I want Max as a friend for next Christmas.

  5. Lovely and whimsical!

  6. looks liks balloons have been on your mind lately. ;)

  7. Ok, so I guess I am the only one who finds it very odd and neo-Victorian the way that so many young design-minded people fetishize every stage of getting married and breeding. People like this could never elope because there wouldn’t be enough structured opportunities to make arty souvenirs . . .

  8. Those are lovely. Almost as lovely as the engagement photos of my husband and i, taken by wal-mart portrait studio: