Alec Soth on Limitation and Creativity

“If limitation spawns creativity, is the limitless resource of the Internet a good thing? Does it do more harm than good to read all these blogs?”

— Alec Soth

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  1. Agreed.

    Procrastination aside, I tend to get overstimulated after reading too many design blogs at once.

  2. good point, I guess…

  3. A very good question indeed…

  4. Fortunately, the limited usability of the Internet will help keep us creative.

  5. A very good question …. I know that reading all these blogs keeps me from doing anything constructive for hours at a time!

  6. Flawed premise that more choice is bad for creative. It’s a disconnect. You think creatively on you don’t. You create with the resources that you have at hand.
    Would you be more be creative without the internet? I think not.

  7. hi

    i’ve never commeted before (sorry for the misspelings, but im from spain).

    as i see it, that limit regarding creativity is about the form of the expression of your creativity (form shapes the piece and therefore seeds creativity), not the ammount of information you consume.

    one thing is the work; other are the influences.

    did i make myself clear? hope so

  8. I agree. Creativity is borne from rebelling against limitations. I love the internets and everything, but there’s little on it to rebel against – there’s a link for every fad and fetish. The connectivity culture that the web fosters might also be klilling off that crucual creative commodity, solitude – That said – *whips out swag bag* there are TONS of other people’s ideas on it to steal.

  9. I’ve been on parental leave for 6 months and during that time I didn’t read a single rss news item (I normally follow 20+ feeds as part of my job). It has been a true revolution for me since I feel more creative than ever. My guess is that despite of all the great design and inspiration out there, my own creativity and ability to pursuit new ideas and explorations are improving by looking a little bit more inwards.

  10. I find that I spend too much time looking and thinking rather than DOING. I’m going to start imposing time limits for myself on the internet….

  11. they work the way they’re intended to ? I have a read and feel inspired and dash off to make some adjustments to my flat or make something. I only have time to read properly on a saturday morning and really look forward to it… I read my favourite design blogs inbetween chores and they inspire me to keep my home pretty and quirky

  12. i think it’s a misconception to think that the internet is “limitless” as clearly it as its limitations. while there is plenty to look at on the internet, for me there comes a point where things become quite redundant

  13. I think it can be a good source of inspiration, but you have to know when to let go of other peoples ideas and start generating your own…

    Browsing the web is my most passive past time.. I just sit there and allow myself to be flooded with creative ideas and images with very little input required.. Hours go by… It is enjoyable but sort of numbing as well..

    It’s good to know when its time to switch it off and go engage with the real world, which requires a lot more energy and is probably the best source of truly original inspiration

  14. Hmmm, I get totally inspired by blogs, but then I do get so caught up I forget to contribute to mine own.