Made me smile!

Check out how WGN-TV Chicago Weekend Anchors spend their time in their broadcast’s first commercial break

(via glass)

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  1. very funny

  2. this is too funny!

  3. aw, this is so fun. Thanks!

  4. You should see it without the music:

    I thought for sure it was other peoples bodies morphed onto the heads of the anchors but…no.


  5. How funny! I wonder how many other newsreaders have done this LOL I can imagine our London Tonight (UK) newsreaders doing something as silly!

  6. Yeah.. Trevor macdonald dooin the macarena… Now that would be funny!

  7. How bizarre.

    I was watching this at home on my Mac. The videos sound was off and I had Pantera’s ‘Walk’ playing on iTunes.

    These two were in perfect synchronisation with the music.