Anyone Can Swiss


(thank you moncef)

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  1. fucking brilliant! someone finally agrees with me!

  2. HAH! That’s brilliant…

  3. great discussion going on about this over on

  4. That was hilarious.
    What’s funny is that while I know I’m definitely guilty of Helvetica abuse, I feel more obligation to delivering the best looking, most useable product I can to clients than I do to proving my uniqueness. Fact is, it’s a beautiful font that both designers and clients are drawn to. Why fight nature? Why?

  5. (Not to be mean, but) if it were Swiss, the patented technology would individually kern the letters so that it wasn’t so painful for designers to look at! ;)

  6. Hi!

    This is Matt White from AnyoneCanSwiss and Dirk+Weiss.

    Thanks for the support, we have some plans going on to move this entire project to new heights. We have over 8,500 posters recorded to date!

    Check us out at ACS and

    Thanks Again